Conference accessibility

We want to ensure that our event is inclusive to you. The conference will take place virtually using Zoom. Zoom is keyboard accessible and operable for users with visual impairments. We will use Zoom's auto-generated captioning throughout the conference. Learn more about Zoom's accessibility features.

The conference will use Zoom Webinar, which does not allow attendees to speak or turn on their camera. You will be able to ask questions throughout the conference using the chat and Q&A functions.

We have breaks scheduled throughout the conference to allow you to step away from your device without missing any of the content. We also will be recording each session and will share the recordings after the conference to all registered participants, so if you need to step away, for any reason, you will be able to revisit the content at your leisure.

If you have questions that are not answered here or would like to request an accommodation, please contact us at