One in every five Americans will experience depression. Only a fraction of these individuals will receive treatment that results in long-term relief. Depression is prevalent and pervasive across our communities, often going undiagnosed or undertreated. As the leading cause of disability worldwide, depression is not only a personal hardship–it is a global burden.

We believe transformative change is needed to address this enormous impact. Whether it’s a case of postpartum depression or a life-long struggle with bipolar disorder–our communities and those suffering deserve better. We deserve hope.

Our Vision

To eliminate the burden of depression and bipolar disorders.

Our Mission

To improve lives and empower communities through bold innovations and interdisciplinary collaborations across research and outreach that advance the way we understand, treat and prevent depressive illnesses.

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We are transforming our approach to depression and bipolar disorders by investing in high-impact research and evidence-based initiatives to progress our field forward. 

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Our vision and strategic priorities are guided by our leadership of experienced research faculty.

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Our dedicated staff are focused on moving the field of mental health forward.

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The Center is partnering with various University of Michigan departments to recruit several faculty positions at assistant, associate, and full professor levels.