Our Focus

We seek to catalyze bold new ideas and collaborations, explore new research approaches and utilize innovative tools to move depression research forward.

Core Units to Support High-impact Research

More than 211 University of Michigan scholars contribute to our mission
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Amy Bohnert, Ph.D., M.H.S
Associate Professor
Medical School
Patricia Deldin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Environmental Sciences
Scott Peltier
Research Scientist
Biomedical Engineering
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Michael Smith
Clinical Associate Professor
Sebastian Zoellner
Our Approach

Expand the scope of mental health research to accelerate discoveries that lead to improved outcomes across our communities.

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

We believe that progress occurs at the intersections of disciplines. Our aim is to empower a diverse research workforce and prioritizing projects that ask innovative, creative questions.

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Accelerating Discovery

We are igniting bold new ideas, exploring new research approaches and utilizing cutting-edge tools to move mental health research forward.

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Community Impact

Our center is home to a variety of community-based programs that empower advocates to raise awareness, reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking.

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