The Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg and Family Depression Center is home to a robust Outreach & Education program that empowers our communities to raise awareness, reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking.

Depression is a complex issue shaped by various individual, institutional and environmental factors. Our experts facilitate evidence-based programs in our schools and workplaces to help drive system-level change and promote mental health as a priority in our daily lives.

Community Outreach

College Mental Health

Supporting students and their communities through on-campus collaborations, educational events, wellness groups and more.

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Youth Mental Health

Empowering middle and high school students and their educators through outreach programs and educational resources. 

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Workplace Mental Health

Transforming employee well-being through mental health education, training and skill-building tailor-made for organizations.

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Community Education Resources


A Meeting of the Minds to Improve College Mental Health

Stigma has eased and access to care has improved thanks to research, innovations and outreach programs shared at Depression on College Campuses conferences.

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