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Receiving support and encouragement from someone else can change how individuals approach and manage their depression. It can play an important role in their recovery. However, caring for someone with depression is challenging. It may be hard to know what to do or how to help.

This section of the Toolkit includes:

  • Tips on how to support someone you know.
  • Tips on how to support yourself in the process. 
  • Strategies to support someone in a crisis. 
  • Advice on how to support a suicide loss survivor.

Supporting others »

Depression is not simply a “bad mood” or a passing case of “the blues.” Depression is a serious medical condition that affects not only the individual, but everyone who cares about them.

Supporting someone in a crisis »

During a mental health crisis, a person is under extreme emotional distress and may be at risk of hurting themselves or others. You may be concerned about a person’s mental state or safety. If you find yourself in this situation, take it seriously.

Support for suicide loss survivors »

Whether you are just beginning the recovery process or you just need some extra support, there are resources that can help you cope with your loss.