The Eisenberg Family Depression Center Toolkit provides information, tools, support, and resources to guide individuals through their mental health journeys. 

The Toolkit is a resource for people experiencing concerns with mood, stress and/or anxiety, and can be especially helpful for those who have been recently diagnosed with and/or are receiving treatment for depression or bipolar disorders. The Toolkit also offers help to family members and caregivers of those who experience from mood disorders, and all people who wish to better understand depressive illness and related disorders.

The Toolkit was created by experts from the Eisenberg Family Depression Center, with the help of individuals with lived experience of mood and anxiety disorders and a group of external professionals.

I'm not feeling well

This section of the Toolkit includes information about depression and related disorders as well as various treatment options to help you feel better.
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I'm looking for more resources

This section of the Toolkit includes helpful mental health websites and resources, self-assessment tools, fact sheets, and charts to learn more and track your treatment progress.
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