The Mobile Technologies Research Innovation Collaborative, or MeTRIC, is a campus-wide initiative designed to foster knowledge sharing and create a single access point for University of Michigan investigators who are looking to use wearables, apps or other mobile technologies in their health research.   

The collaborative–founded by the Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg and Family Depression Center, Precision Health, and the Department of Anesthesiology–includes multidisciplinary units from across U-M’s campus. The combined efforts of these units represent a wealth of knowledge providing a solid foundation for anyone in need of support.  

Save the date! The 2024 MeTRIC Symposium will be held November 1. Learn more.

Advantages of a collaborative 

Navigating the development, regulatory aspects, and deployment of studies that include mobile technologies can be challenging for many investigators. MeTRIC streamlines the process by bringing all the expertise and resources together - creating a centralized, collaborative space for leaders across U-M to connect, share and build knowledge that spans the entire research cycle. Our goals are to: 

  • Foster greater collaboration across mobile studies at U-M 
  • Increase efficiencies, streamline processes and reduce redundancies throughout the University
  • Ensure researchers have the information and support needed, allowing ground-breaking research to be done at scale
  • Increase utilization of mobile and wearable technology in health research
  • Elevate mobile technologies work underway at U-M
  • Set standards and become a national leader in the mobile health research space 
  • Align/enable strategic investments

Mobile technology resources at U-M 

The Mobile Technologies Core at the Eisenberg Family Depression Center provides U-M investigators the support and guidance needed to utilize mobile technologies and digital mental health measures in their studies. Experienced faculty and staff offer hands-on consultative services to researchers throughout the University – regardless of specialty or research focus. Services include: 

  • Research proposal ideation and development 
  • Guidance on mobile technology selection and use 
  • Mobile data standardization, processing and access

Learn more about mobile technology services for researchers

Affinity groups for health researchers

MeTRIC also provides oversite and strategic direction for three affinity groups, which are resources for U-M  investigators and teams who are interested in using wearable and mobile technologies in health research. 

  • DIGIT-MI: U-M faculty and staff meet to connect, learn and share resources for using digital and mobile technologies and mental wellness measurements in health research.
  • Mobile Data Expert Network (MDEN): Open to U-M staff or junior faculty members with experience exporting, processing, and/or analyzing mobile data.
  • Mobile Coordinator Network (MCN): A resource for U-M study coordinators who are using mobile technologies. 

Each group provides a unique way for you or your team to connect with U-M experts to encourage the increased integration of mobile technologies into health studies. Learn more