The 2024 Depression on College Campuses conference will be held March 12-13, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Look for more details this fall. 

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About the 2023 conference

Presented by the Eisenberg Family Depression Center on March 14-15, 2023, this annual event brought together hundreds of researchers, clinicians, health education specialists, student support staff and students for a two-day event focused on mental health work.

As college campuses continue to see rising rates of stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout among students, the 2023 Depression on College Campuses Conference explored the benefits and drawbacks of the current hybrid landscape on student well-being. Conference sessions examined how changes in the way students learn and interact can impact connectedness, belonging, and mental health, and how the digital space has influenced treatment delivery while providing new opportunities for innovative prevention programming.

Through expert presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and more, the conference helped disseminate new research findings, model programs, and innovative strategies to improve college mental health. The annual conference aimed to address important issues on campus, shape service delivery, promote the use of resources to improve college mental health, and, in the process, enhance both educational and mental health objectives.

Missed the conference? Watch keynotes and opening panel discussion

Special thanks to our donors

The 2023 Depression on College Campuses Conference organizers would like to thank the following for their financial contributions to this effort. Without their support and collaboration, this University-wide initiative would not be possible.

Katherine and Tom Goldberg 
Diane, Randy, Amanda and Sam Orley, in memory of George Orley

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