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BRAIN Initiative: Brain-Behavior Quantification and Synchronization Transformative and Integrative Models of Behavior at the Organismal Level (U01 Clinical Trials Not Allowed) - RFA-DA-24-041

National Institutes of Health
LOI Deadline
LOI Required
Recommended, but not required
Application Deadline
Maximum Project Duration
5 years
Research Focus Areas
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Computational Psychiatry
Behavioral and Systems
Population Focus
Non-Human Animal Studies
Research Methods
Animal Models
Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning
Neural Networks
Computational Biology
Mixed Methods Research
Quantitative Research Methods
This Brain-Behavior Quantification and Synchronization notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) seeks applications using non-human animal models that bring together transdisciplinary teams and aim to 1) develop, validate, and apply cutting-edge tools and methods for minimally invasive, multi-dimensional, high-resolution measurement of behavior at the organismal level, with synchronous capture of data from the dynamic environment of the organism; 2) develop advanced analytic approaches to integrate multidimensional behavioral, neural and environmental data; and 3) develop and test new theoretical and computational models aiming to advance understanding of behavior as a complex dynamic system. Proposed projects are expected to be designed with the capacity to integrate synchronously recorded neural data and/or inform existing models of neurobehavioral function, such as those developed with the support of the NIH BRAIN Initiative. This NOFO is intended for applications using non-human animal models. Applicants proposing research involving humans or use of human subjects data as a significant component should submit under the companion NOFO RFA-DA-24-040.