Tips for dealing with COVID burnout nearly 2 years into the pandemic

Dr. Michelle Riba is featured in an interview with WDIV Channel 4

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DETROIT – With nearly two years into the pandemic, many are dealing with COVID burnout. 

Dr. Michelle Riba is a clinical professor in University of Michigan’s department of Psychiatry and co-director of Workplace Mental Health Solutions at the Eisenberg Family Depression Center. She said burnout is understandable.

“We’re tired. We were hoping that things would improve by now, but we’re seeing for a variety of reasons that things are not over for us,” Riba said. “If somebody feels exhausted, not feeling like themselves, it’s important to get assessed because it’s really actually difficult to assess it in your own self.”

She recommends getting through it with basic tips like getting enough sleep, exercising, eating healthy, staying away from substances like alcohol, taking a walk, socializing with family and friends over the phone or Zoom.

For some, COVID burnout can come from an overwhelming amount of information.

“It’s important to try to identify with who you trust and try to stick with that information so you don’t get confused and throw your hands up,” Riba said.