March Episode of the Mental Minute

the mental minute title card

Stephanie Salazar, Senior Outreach and Education Program Manager for the Depression Center, joins Jeremy Fallis as a co-host for the March episode of The Mental Minute. They begin by reflecting on the 2021 Depression on College Campuses Conference (DOCC), in which experts spoke about college student mental health, especially as it relates to the impacts of COVID-19 and racial injustice. With the flexibilities of a virtual format, the conference was able to reach a wide audience and host speakers from across the globe.

The George Orley Student Mental Health Advocate Award was also presented during the conference to a University of Michigan School of Public Health Doctoral Candidate, Sarah Abelson. Fallis and Salazar spend the rest of the episode speaking to Abelson about her work as a mental health advocate.

Abelson discusses her time working for the Active Minds network after obtaining her Master of Public Health degree. There, she developed a passion for the integration of real-world practice and research. Currently, she serves as the Co-Investigator and Lead for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Projects for the Healthy Minds study at Michigan and hopes to make an impact by both increasing population health and reducing mental health inequities through structural change. Abelson is thrilled to see the increased interest in mental health within the public health field and is hopeful for more research in this area for the future.

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