Latest Maxwell Gray Film Fellowship Video Unveiled

The latest video produced by the Maxwell Gray Film Fellowship was unveiled on August 13, 2021. The video features Steph Fajardo, PhD, who speaks on her mental health journey while pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Michigan.

During her time as a PhD candidate at U-M, Steph struggled with imposter syndrome. While she found a support system to get her through her first few years, Steph’s mental health declined once again when she decided to study abroad. She found that having to live and work on her own without the support system she created at U-M was a trigger for her symptoms. She suffered with insomnia and panic attacks before contacting a Rackham CAPS Counselor and getting help from a psychiatrist. Along with regularly seeing her therapist, Steph finds that journaling, yoga, and mindfulness are key to helping her cope with her mood disorders.

After opening up about her mental health on social media, Steph found that many academics often face similar challenges.

“If you are struggling with your mental health, know that there are people and resources waiting to help you,” says Steph, emphasizing the importance of taking the first step and reaching out for help.

Steph is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Eisenberg Institute for Historical Studies, studying the history of gender and US imperialism in the Philippines.

The videos are posted on multiple Depression Center websites: Maxwell Gray Film Fellowship and Campus Mind Works

This project was funded by The Pritzker Pucker Family Foundation, in memory of Maxwell Gray, and the Frances and Kenneth Eisenberg Collaborative Innovations Fund at the Eisenberg Family Depression Center.