July Episode of The Mental Minute


In July’s episode of The Mental Minute, cohosts Jeremy Fallis and Will Heininger discuss their summer so far, engage in their usual sports minute, and spend the second half asking Dr. Sagar Parikh some key questions about workplace mental health.

Jeremy enjoyed his family trip to the mountains while Will spent time visiting family and watching the NBA finals. In the Sports Minute, Jeremy discusses the new National Hockey League (NHL) team forming in Seattle, as well as the three young men of color who were faced with racism upon missing penalties during the European Soccer Championship this past weekend. These abusive comments were countered by tremendous resiliency from the players and support from their true fans. Will is inspired by Shohei Ohtani, pitcher and hitter for the Los Angeles Angels, who is the first two-way player in all-star history. He talks about the impact Ohtani’s accomplishments can have on the spirits of rising baseball players.

Dr. Parikh, professor of psychiatry and co-lead for the Workplace Mental Health Solutions Program at the Eisenberg Family Depression Center, begins the conversation by discussing his thoughts on the NHL Stanley Cup. Next, he provides background on the role of Ketamine in treating mental health disorders, before diving into key workplace mental health strategies.

Dr. Parikh explains the following three strategies when planning interventions can help improve both self-help and professional help for mental health in the workplace.

  1. Normalizing the idea that it’s okay to talk about mental health
  2. Recognizing that there are several ways to get help, and not every strategy works for everyone
  3. Spreading the word and advertising employee assistance programs to make sure people have access to the information.

To learn more, join the Workplace Mental Health Conference, which is taking place virtually on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 from 1:15-6pm ET.  

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