February Episode of The Mental Minute

the mental minute title card

Co-hosts Jeremy Fallis and Will Heininger begin their new episode of The Mental Minute in honor of Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week.  Will discusses the various goals and benefits of the Peer-to-Peer Program (P2P) for middle and high school students executed by the Depression Center. After a quick sports minute dedicated to star Black athletes in honor of Black History Month, Jeremy and Will join their guest speaker, Dacia Price, for an interview on community mental health

Dacia Price, MSW, is a clinical assistant professor at the U-M School of Social Work. She begins her interview by differentiating mental health and mental illness and uses eye-opening metaphors to describe the importance of mental health to one’s overall wellbeing. Price then discusses her experiences working with law enforcement, detailing the steps that are taken in order to help recognize and respond to trauma via crisis-intervention training.

As a social worker, Price recognizes the importance of integrative healthcare and the inclusivity of physical, mental social, and emotional wellness, starting with the very basic needs of an individual. She emphasizes that experts in all fields should come together to help fill the gaps of healthcare and education in the community. Price facilitates a field practicum unit at U-M, through which her students provide virtual cognitive behavioral therapy for those in need. Price hopes for this initiative to serve as motivation for people to support each other on their individual journeys to better health.

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