Becoming a Thought Leader: Opinion & Commentary Writing Workshop

Friday, April 14 | 12:00 pm  |  Virtual

EFDC Member Lunchtime Learning Series 

Call them opinion pieces, commentaries, explainers, op-eds or perspectives—this workshop will introduce you to a type of writing that more healthcare researchers and providers should be doing. Led by Kara Gavin, manager, Research & Policy Media Relations, IHPI and Michigan Medicine, this two-part virtual session offers insight into using and writing for these valuable thought leadership tools. 

  • The first hour includes an overview of the types of opinion and commentary pieces, and the outlets that publish them. It will help you start thinking about how to crystallize your message and shape your own piece. This session will also have a special focus on a unique publishing platform called The Conversation, which was designed specifically to help academics give voice to their expertise and experience in a new way. Find out how publishing on this platform, or submitting to others that take similar pieces, can help you reach the public and policymakers via the news media, social media and online republishing.
  • In the optional second hour, you’ll have the opportunity to craft a pitch for a piece of your own and get valuable feedback from the presenter and group. 

This free session is open to current and prospective EFDC members.

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