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Beatriz Manzor-Mitrzyk

Beatriz Manzor-Mitrzyk, Pharm.D.

Assistant Professor
U-M Primary Appointment

My long-term research interests involve increasing medication adherence in Hispanics with depression to improve clinical and humanistic outcomes. US Hispanics are less likely to seek care for depression symptoms and use less antidepressant medications than US Whites. My academic Learner, clinical Learner and experience, and medical writing expertise have provided me with an excellent foundation to consider this research. I am personally invested in this research as I am a first generation Cuban-American and have experienced health disparities first-hand. Because of my keen desire to conduct research of this nature, I returned to complete research-focused postdoctoral Learner so that I can pursue my research goals. In this program, I will be conducting focus groups, personal interviews, complex survey analyses, and mixed methods research. With these experiences, I am able to build on my previous Learner and address additional questions regarding health disparities and medication adherence in the Hispanic population. My research plan will provide me with new conceptual and technical Learner in social and behavioral research so that I will be able to reach my goal of improving medication adherence and minimizing health disparities in Hispanic populations.