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Participate in Research

We need research to understand how depression and related illnesses develop and progress, how and why depression can affect different people in different ways, how to help people feel better, and how to keep symptoms from returning. Without the involvement of individual participants, however, research and medicine would not advance – we need people to make progress. In fact, all of the treatments that modern healthcare offers, including medications, devices, and procedures, are available because people have agreed to participate in research studies.

At the Depression Center and Department of Psychiatry, our array of research offers many opportunities to partner with us in the search for answers that can improve the lives of people living with a variety of mental health conditions. Participating in one of our research studies may provide you with more information about your condition, access to new treatments before they are widely available, and the chance to help others by increasing knowledge.

Learn more about the “who, when, why, where, and how” of joining a study from several Depression Center researchers who have provided their perspectives on participation based on their many years of experience developing studies and working with participants.  Our Depression Toolkit also provides information about the various forms that depression research studies at U-M may take.

Find out how you can participate in a study at U-M or elsewhere in the country.

Dr. Deldin: Researcher

Depression Center researcher Patricia Deldin talks about the importance of research.

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Bridget: Research Volunteer

Find out why Bridget chose to become a research volunteer.

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Dana: Research Volunteer

Dana discusses her reasons for participating in mental health research.

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