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Consultations & Referrals

Depression Center faculty and staff collaborate with other healthcare providers in caring for patients with depression and bipolar illness through referrals, collaborative care, and consultation on patients who are not responding to current treatment methods. These are some of the resources available to professionals working to help their patients manage depressive illnesses:

Michigan Depression Outreach and Collaborative Care (M-DOCC)

A telephone-based program for depression management that complements care provided by a patient’s physician using experienced mental health social workers who work on behalf of the referring clinician and provide direct feedback to the patient’s treating team. 

The Depression Center Consultation Clinic

Provides helpful support to clinicians seeking advice with management of their treatment-resistant depression patients struggling to maintain wellness.

Michigan Child Collaborative Care (MC3) Program

This program provides child and adolescent psychiatry support to primary care physicians in Michigan who are managing pediatric patients with mild to moderate behavioral health problems.

M-LINE phone consultation