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Depression Toolkit

Our Depression Toolkit offers resources for those newly diagnosed with depressive illness, those who may be wondering whether they are experiencing depression, and those who just want to learn more about depression and related illnesses, including friends, family members and caregivers.

  • Learn about your diagnosis contains information on the different types of illnesses that impact brain health, including depression, bipolar illness, anxiety, and substance abuse, and how these conditions may appear differently in men and women, and throughout the lifespan.
  • Know your treatment options gives you the specifics on the most common approaches to treating depression, equipping you to better understand your healthcare provider’s treatment strategy.
  • Take care of yourself is all about how you can help yourself cope with your illness.  Depression, like diabetes or asthma, is a chronic condition that must be managed on a daily basis, and we provide the tools to help you do that.
  • Talk about it offers proven methods and conversation starters for how best to share your diagnosis, your treatment plan and your recovery with the important people in your life.  Talking about depression is never easy, but these tools will help you approach those conversations with confidence.
  • Rise above it all contains information and inspiration to help with and coping with others who may not fully understand your situation, and offers strategies to help accept a diagnosis, reach new understanding, and find greater satisfaction from life.