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Creating a healing environment

Noble Plaza, Rachel Upjohn BuildingThrough the vision of The Noble Foundation of Wooster, Ohio, the “Noble Plaza,” dedicated in 2009, was created to extend the healing environment offered by the Rachel Upjohn Building, home of the University of Michigan Depression Center and Ambulatory Psychiatry Programs. This wonderful and expansive outdoor space includes a wide variety of plants that are native to Michigan, a walking path with benches for reflection, as well as functional areas for meetings, lunches, and special events. The plaza was designed by U-M landscape architect Kenn Rapp.

The gift from the Noble Foundation continues the Noble Family’s ongoing support for innovative treatment approaches for patients struggling with treatment-resistant depression and bipolar disorder. The Noble Plaza is dedicated in memory of Richard Scott (“Dick”) Noble, who was a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Michigan and a patient at the Depression Center. The overarching goal of the Depression Center and of the Noble Family was to create a space that is reflective of Dick Noble’s love of nature and the outdoors, and provides a seamless transition from the modern Rachel Upjohn Building to the natural wetlands behind it. In the process of memorializing their beloved family member with this generous gift, the Noble Family has created a healing space that serves as a peaceful refuge for patients, family members, visitors and employees.

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