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Education & Outreach

As part of our multi-service approach to care, the U-M Depression Center serves as a source of reliable and comprehensive patient, family, public, and professional education about depression, bipolar disorder, and related illnesses. Effective education helps people break through the barriers of stigma and misinformation. It empowers individuals to take greater control of their wellness and participate more fully in their own care. It provides people with the understanding necessary to support others who live with depressive illnesses.  And depression education creates more informed communities, helping fulfill the center’s vision of equipping people with the knowledge that will lead to better detection, outcomes, and fewer recurrences.

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Similarly, the Depression Center reaches out to unique populations, providing resources, education, tools, and various services to individuals and communities touched by the broad spectrum of depression, bipolar disorder, and related illnesses. Some of these special groups include college students, public school students and educators, veterans and military families, at-risk mothers and babies, and healthcare providers.

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Depression leaves no community untouched.  Therefore, we are committed to reaching out and establishing partnerships with the people and places who seek trusted information, practical strategies for wellness, and understanding and acceptance.

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